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The intent the Gardens of Avalon III website, is to bring together pagans, magicians and alternatives of all varieties in places where they might meet, share ideas, grow, and flourish in permissive, and tolerant environments. This intent remains, and we will expand our horizons and to open more doors for more people.

Further, The Gardens of Avalon III assumes a pattently activist role to keep lines of communication open to pagans, magicians and other "alternatives" in a time of increasingly repressive national and international legal environments. We hope that any who read about, and support this endeavor will provide aid and suggestions to help further this goal.

All are welcome to visit these pages, to visit our Links, to sign guestbooks, to leave comments and suggestions, and to freely use the upcoming web-BBS and chat room functions as they become available. These, and other services, as they appear, will be made available to all visitors in Avalon's arena. Its one more way we're striving to provide a comfortable environment for pagan practical, magickal and spiritual interaction.

We request that you apply only a few simple rules to your visit:

1. This is a freely available venue, and is open to all viewpoints. We expect that you will respect and treat both your hosts and your fellow visitors in a civil manner -- in the manner in which you would like to be treated.

2. Avoid flaming, chastizing, or otherwise denigrating your hosts or your fellow visitors. Constructive criticism, and supported arguements are quite welcome. Tolerance is the watch word.

3. Because this is a freely available venue, we do not require anyone to ask our premission to link to us. However, we'd like to know of it so that we might exchange links.

4. Again, as this is a freely available venue, expect that NO web page owner or server who charges users specifically for access to his, hers, or other topical web pages include our link. (This does NOT apply to normal interet service provider access fees.) We want Avalon to have the widest possible availability and distribution. We acquired the space for the page and all of the included services freely, and wish to distribute its access just as freely.

These are our Laws in Avalon, as we live by them. We expect that our visitors will respect them, and live by them as they pass among us.

The Rede:

An ye know The Law, Do what ye will

Our interpretation of this maxim is to consider each decision and each action we take. What are its implications to ourselves and the cosmos? If an action can be said to "harm none," then it is a worthy action. Consider well the rest. The statement and maxim takes the current addage, "use your best judgement," to its pinnacle.

The Threefold Law:

Except in self defense it be,
Remember thee the law of three:
Whatever good or ill ye do,
Three times doth it come back to you.

A reaffirmation of the Rede, the Threefold Law is a combination of prophesy, philosophy, and common sense. Whether you call the concept "Karma," "the Wheel," or reaping what you sew; the concept of actions catching up with us in multiples of their origins (like ripples in a pond) has been with us since time immemorial. Those who heed this parable, and the lessons of those gone before them, can attest to the veracity of the concept.

May we all consider well our actions, accept the recourse, and learn from the doing.

A note about Avalon III and its authors: Though pagan, magickal, and pagan friendly, StarChild is a Witch cum Magician, not a Wiccan; and The Gardens of Avalon III is not a Wiccan page. Though some of our precepts do derive from Wicca, much comes from other sources. Our practices vary, often slightly, and sometimes in the extreme from Wicca. A future page may follow, describing the similarities and the differences.



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