Pan San

"What's That?" You ask... Pan San Gatherings are open invitations to gather Witches, Pagans, Ceremonialists, Spiritual Seekers, New Age and other non-mainstream spiritualists and practitioners together in an informal living room setting to rub shoulders, share experiences, and meet other like-minded folk.

There's never planned program or ritual. However, we have hosted a number of minstrels, ensembles, craftsmen, dancers, singers, zymurgists, vintnors, readers, and a host of other specially gifted folk who are only too happy to share and showcase their talents and abilities. All of these and more are welcome to this and future Gatherings.

We've hosted Pan San Gatherings for over 5 years, some with a few in attendance, others with standing room only crowds, and all a great success. We enjoy the company, and we've seen a number of long-term associations build from a Gathering's humble beginnings.

The rules are Simple

- Bring an open mind and a pot-luck dish for six people.

- Bring friends, but educate them to tolerance first.

- Children are welcome and do attend.

- Bring your trade or craft if you like. Share it with whom you will.

- StarHaven IS a smoking household. LEGAL tobacco is welcome.

- Alcohol is welcome but intoxication is not. Alcohol may NOT be offered or served to minors.

- Prescription drugs are allowed on site, only for the person to whom they are prescribed, only for the ailment they are prescribed.

- Sexual activity is not acceptable on the premesis.

- Otherwise, HAVE FUN!!

1998 Beltane Pan San Gathering

Hi Folks!

Its "Changin' Time" again! Spring is in the air, and with it all the newness and wonder of life and living. There are new flowers, new life of all kinds. There's a lightness of heart and a spring to the step not felt or seen at any other time of year. Come join with us, share the festivities, and contibute your specialness to our event! We've scheduled it on an interesting day, but what else is new with us? Information follows:


1998 Beltane
Pan San Gathering


Saturday; May 16, 1998
7:00 P.M. until it ends...


StarHaven Household
215 West Broadview, #2508
San Antonio, TX 78228


Pagan Social, Pot Luck Buffet
and open socialization


Ed Tillman
Barbara Rypinski

Don't forget to bring your sense of wonder!


Ithan StarChild