"Long Time"

The Southern Watchtower

In many circles, the Southern Watchtower is associated with fire, passion and the inspiration to "do things". In keeping with those traditions, the Gardens of Avalon III's Southern Watchtower is a place of "doing." Here, you can find access to our mailing list, chat room, electronic bulletin board, upcoming bookstore, the Matilda USA Search Engine, and as many other services as we can provide as time goes on. We hope you'll enjoy your visit to this page, and return to Avalon III often.


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The Arboretum Internet Message Board

In association with "Nerdworld Services," The Arboretum is the long promised internet BBS and message base portion of The Gardens of Avalon III. It is moderated and topic oriented only in so far as its general themes are pagan spirituality, activism, events and associated information. Be welcome in the Arboretum. Start a topic, jump in on an existing one, or e-mail me for topic suggestions. Be sure to register, and then jump right in!

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The Gazebo Open Chat Room

TGoA III, in association with Parachat, provides The Gazebo Chat Room for all visitors who wish to arrange chats related to Avalon's themes, among themselves or in groups as they choose. If sufficient interest develops, we'll begin scheduling guided, topic oriented chats for the benefit of all our visitors. Click the bar below, and come on in!

The Gazebo Chat Room

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will shortly offer a new music and movie service,"The Loft," for your listening and viewing pleasure. Until its online, please feel free to use the search engine below to locate titles, artists or albums from CDNOW.

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