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This page is chock full of very special places to visit. It opens with links to pagan exposure and activist sites, progresses to some very special teaching and sharing sites, and finally comes to rest in some unique general information, self exploration and fantasy sites. Visit, marvel, wonder and ahre a bit of yourself with the hosts.

Witch's Voice
The Witch's Voice

Waterhawk Creations

Rene' Donovan's Intriguing New Novel!
Me 'n God in the Coffee Shop


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"The Greatest Love of All"

The Eastern Watchtower

In the first quadrant of the circle, be it Air or Fire according to your tradition, the Eastern Quadrant often tends to be one of sharing, teaching, and enlightenment. Hopefully, it will be so with this one as well.

You are encouraged to visit these demenses, share their houses, leave something of yourself, and return often.

As you would have your guests behave, so do the hosts you will visit. Please show them the love and respect you would have of them.

The Legions of the East

Burning Times
The Burning Times are STILL with us...

Free Speech Online!
Free Speech Online!

Rhiannon's Magick Circle
Rhiannon's Magic Circle

Ambrosia Knight's Witch Net
Ambrosia Knight's Witch Net

Kalioppe's Castle - Her coven and Exploration
Francesca's 3rd Path - Faerie and Shaman
Francesca's Wiccan and Faerie Grimorie
Joseph Campbell Foundation Homepage
Ember Eve's Fantasy Page

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