"Don't Fear the Reaper"

The Northern Watchtower

The links and information listed on this page come directly from the dark pit of ignorance, avarice and pettiness.

They include both the attempts and the successes to enforce the exclusive belief in, participation in, and forceful expansion of particular religious faiths and lifestyles whether by legislation, judicail fiat, economic interference or community groundswell.

They do not paint a pretty picture, and will not all be for the feignt of heart. The list will grow as other sites are discovered and reviewed. These are the legions of the North, the place of eternal darkness.

Take extreme care as you pass through their domains, for in the main, they are hostile to you. Walk softly, observe well, and mind what you say to them, for they will use it against you at the first opportunity.

Blessed Be;

Blocked by Gybersitter
Blocked! Discover Why

Banned and Blocked!
Banned and Blocked: Who and Why...

The Legions of the North

Judge Moore v. The ACLU (Link presently broken: may be terminated)
10 Commandments wall placque. Prayer in Alabama Court during Jury Selection and seating. Battle with Alabama State Supreme Court, Federal Court and ACLU.

"Child Sacrifice and the Witch Cult in the New Age"
A *very* biased and denigrating Christian attempt link abortion, womens'rights, feminine activism and the defense of abortion clinics, with witchcraft as a cult. For a tradition which spends much time wailing and moaning about having its own religious works and speakers taken out of context, and turned against them, the writers here make some pretty bold attempts to do the same with pagan speakers and writers. The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Farmers Insurance Group refuses payment because of religion
Farmers Insurance Group believes pagan religion sufficient reason to deny claim payment to senior citizen.

The "Religious Freedom" Amendment to the US Constitution
A call to ACTION over the pending introduction of House Judiciary Committee Resolution H.J 78, The Religious Freedom Amendment, onto the floor of the US Congress. The Resolution would require passage by 2/3 of both the US Congress and the US Senate, and ratification by 38 states to become law. If successful, the new law would modify and place the word "GOD," the Christian version, into the US Constitution for the first time in our history. If the Constitution were so amended, the way would be clear for the supression of expression of other faiths, and the requirement for others to "observe" Christian prayer, ceremonies and celebrations in public places, in contravention to current standing US Supreme Court rulings.

The Religious Freedom Amendment
The wording of The Amendment, and exigesis, its supporters, and suggestions for action.

Wicca and Satanism
Written by an Apostolic Messianic (apparently Pentecostal, from the flavor of his page) minister who doesn't miss a trick. (Click on "Pagan-Occult.") He combines the out-of-context references from the Bible, the Qabballah, Masonry, Mormonism, Methodism, Gardner, Sanders, several admittedly Satanist works, and quotes from a few allegedly former Wiccans to present a very ugly picture of Wicca as the bed partner of Satanism, and something to be feared. His original GeoCities page was, but it now reappears under its own domain at "Thunder Ministries.

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