As is the Gardens of Avalon III's continuing practice, we bring you a further example of institutional prejudice against pagans, alternatives, and in this instance, senior citizens.

The particular article, shown opposite, targets both the Farmer's Group of Insurance Companies , and several offices of the State of Nevada. We discovered it on the "Burning Times" echo (newsgroup) on PODSNET.

It is but a further example of the extreme care we must take in selecting the companies we deal with, and the problems we can expect to face when trying to hold these companies to their committments, simply because we differ from the "mainstream."

In this case, every local and state regulatory board or government agency mentioned both failed to uphold their pledges or their contracts, and often completely refused to review or become involved in the issue.

The claimant is being harrassed beyond any means of reasonability, and again, no agency seems willing to help.

Read the article for yourself, and see whether or not you would wish to freely associate yourself, your family, and your worldly goods with this company.

Farmers Insurance Group: A Bad Proposition for Pagans and Senior Citizens

Transcribed From: "Oblivion," PODSnet, "Burning Times" echo.
To: "All" (echo participants)
Subject: "Farmers Insurance -- Bad!!!"

Originally found on the Wiccan Message Board at
Posted by: Ronald J. Boldt on March 19, 1998 at 03:06:03
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(Note: Text edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation and format. No content has been altered or reorganized. -- Ithan StarChild)

Attention all ye pagans and wiccans:

This is a letter in reference about an insurance company by the name of Farmers Insurance, which has an apparent policy of hatred for pagans and wiccans alike. Here is why:

In August, '97, my mother's house, on 150 Copper Street, Henderson, NV burnt to the ground due to defective and frayed electrical wiring. This fire was ruled caused by accidental short by the arson squad, and the city fire department.

She had remodelled the house completely, inside and out; she purchased the house for $60,000.00, and when she was finished, it was appraised at over $100,000.00. This work was done by her own hand. And she was proud of it, as it was her retirement home, as she is 65.

On the morning of the 7th of August, the house became an inferno, causing her to lose everything except for her life. She was insured with Farmers Insurance Company with full coverage, including additional living expenses(ALE). When she had heard about the fire, she was informed that they would pay, after the initial investigation which was done by the end of August. She was only given the sum of $500.00 of additional living expenses. This was in late August.

When she had turned in her receipts for her ALE, she was sneered at by her claims representative, who laughed at her at his place of business. He informed her that he wanted to see the fire site.

In September, he came to the site, at which time he had accosted her, threatened her with physical violence, and called her every name under the sun. The company requested documentation in regards to the items owned, etc. These were given, including character statements by the neighbors, etc, which showed that we had done what we stated on improvements. It also showed that we were polite, etc, a good neighbor to all, always willing to help, etc.

The company refused to read these, and started a slander campaign against her, regardless of the fact that she works with the Garden City [Idaho] Police Department as a psychic detective. She is is well regarded there in Idaho; and she also works with the Henderson, Nevada Police Department here as an unpaid psychic. She is well respected by them, and they refer to her as an upstanding citizen etc.

The company [Farmers] has refused to obey laws, and has refused to pay her, according to Mr. Kreps, stating that she is

"nothing but a witch and pagan, and as such he sees no reason why they should pay [her]."

He has stalked her, assaulted her, intimidated her, threatened her, did breaking and entering on her property, vandalism, theft etc.

When this was turned in to the company and his supervisor, they stated that they will stand behind him. They also stated that they don't feel that they should pay. Regardless of the fact that they did accept the payments for the premiums, they signed a contract with a senior citizen, and they initiated the policy. Yet they refuse to honor their contractual agreements to her.

They have caused her health to go downhill in that she now has ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure, and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. They are constantly stalking and harrassing her. They can find the time to do this, but they cannot find the time or the means to pay for her policy.

The Nevada State Board of Insurance Regulators were sent letters and complaint forms several times. Today, when they were contacted, they stated to her, "no comment." They do not stand up for the rights of the citizens or protect these rights, but do monitor the insurance companies. They also stated that they do not protect senior citizens. They do not enforce the laws, only monitor their [insurance companies'] actions. They refuse to follow through with the complaint process, or seek a rapid resolution to the claims, stating that they will believe an insurance company first.

These are the comments made by Barbra Silvania, Nevada State Insurance Board: "Consumer Affairs for the State refuses to do anything, we let them monitor themselves. If you have a complaint then tough."

These are the comments made by Fred Washington, who worked at The Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada: "they refused to give any comment. They want to wash their hands of this matter."

The Governor's Office has stated that they don't care to talk to us.

I feel that it is about time that this harrassment and discrimination against others end. Just because one does not believe in what you believe does not give them the right to deny payments. I want everyone to know what is going on in this regard. I would like everyone that reads this article to send a written letter to:

Ronald J. Boldt
P.O. Box 90462
Henderson, NV 89009

Through this means, then we may be able to put an end to these tactics. If you are ever discriminated against for what you believe in, please respond to me at my address above. Also, please pass this on to others. Through standing together as one voice, we can demand fair treatment and respect as a whole.

May the Goddess's and Gods' Light shine upon you.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again.

Blessed Be

The original text may be viewed at, or on the "Burning Times" echo on your local PODSNET FTN BBS system.

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